Other ways abroad

Interdisciplinary partnerships at JGU

Beyond the existing Erasmus+ partnerships in the Subject Area, students have the opportunity to study abroad through interdisciplinary partnerships at JGU. If you are interested in spending a semester in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Japan, South Korea or the United Kingdom, please make an appointment with the Erasmus+ departmental coordinator, Dr. Taylor McConnell, at erasmus.kulturanthropologie@uni-mainz.de.

For the latest information on the respective partner universities, visit the website of the JGU International Office (in German).

PROMOS scholarships

There is also the option to take your own initiative and arrange a direct exchange with a university with which there is no partnership agreement. With the PROMOS scholarship, students have the opportunity to embark on a self-organised semester abroad, conduct research for theses, complete internships or take language and subject courses. Applications for the PROMOS scholarship are submitted via the JGU International Office (in German).