Dr. Taylor McConnell

Research associate, MA student advising, Erasmus+ departmental coordinator
Robert Schittko Copyright
Robert Schittko Copyright

Research focus

  • Cultural memory, especially in the former Yugoslavia
  • Violence and power relations
  • Monuments and museums (the visual)
  • Belonging and identity
  • Gas stations
  1. Einführungsveranstaltung für alle Studienanfänger*innen im MA Kulturanthropologie
    Instructor: Dr. Taylor Andrew McConnell; PD Dr. Christina Niem
  2. Pr. Berufsfeldnahes Praktikum (240 Stunden)
    Instructor: Dr. Taylor Andrew McConnell
  3. PS. Lektürekurs (Sommer)
    Instructor: Ann-Christin Eikenbusch M.A.; Stefanie Hampel; Dr. Julia Rabea Lind; Dr. Taylor Andrew McConnell; Laura Katharina Mücke M.A.; Dr. Franziska Reichenbecher; Sarah Wendel
  4. Ü. Praktische Übung zu kulturwissenschaftlichen Berufsfeldern
    Instructor: Dr. Taylor Andrew McConnell

SoSe 2024


Taylor McConnell is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Film, Theatre, Media and Cultural Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. His doctoral thesis in sociology at the University of Edinburgh addressed the intersection of memory, violence, power and identity in the context of the 1991–1995 Croatian War of Independence/‘Homeland War’ and its aftermath. He is currently working on a monograph entitled Memory abuse: Historical violence and contemporary identity politics in the former Yugoslavia, to be completed in 2024. His next project, “Sheetz Run: Memory, Identity and Belonging in a Pennsylvania Intersection” (2024–2028), will take an ethnographic lens to gas stations and local identity in a prototypical “Small Town USA”.

Research projects

„Memory Abuse: Historical Violence and Contemporary Identity Politics in the former Yugoslavia“, current book project (2023–2024)

„Još Hrvatska ni propala [Still Croatia Has Not Fallen]: Examining the Public Face of Memory in Croatia“, Doctoral Thesis, University of Edinburgh (2020)

Interactive map of Croatian monuments, 2016–2019 (regularly updated)