Prof. Dr. Mirko Uhlig

Junior Professor

Robert Schittko Copyright
Robert Schittko Copyright

Research focus

  • Cultural analysis of the regional (local handling of intangible cultural heritage)
  • Memory and popular culture (re-enactments)
  • Custom and ritual transformations
  • Health and spirituality research (sense-making in precarious life situations)
  • Heterodox cultures (conspiracy theories; ‘esotericism’)
  • Legal anthropology (legal standardisation in everyday life; law in popular culture)
  • Field research methods
  • Ethnographic film

  1. MA HS. Aktuelle Themen und Perspektiven der Kulturanthropologie/Volkskunde: Rechtsmedizin in der Populärkultur – ethnografische Annäherungen
    Instructor: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Mirko Uhlig
  2. S. Zur kulturellen Ordnung sozialer Systeme (Sommer): Kulturtheorien anwenden
    Instructor: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Mirko Uhlig
  3. S. Zur kulturellen Ordnung von Raum und Zeit (Sommer): Forschungsspiegel
    Instructor: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Mirko Uhlig

SoSe 2024

Current publication

Together with Thomas Schneider, 2023, Mainzer Beiträge zur Kulturanthropologie / Europäische Ethnologie, vol. 25, 182 pages, paperback, with numerous illustrations and downloadable documentary film

More info about the book (in German)